Aki No Kure

by Slumplifter

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released July 20, 2017

all songs written by slumplifter
all sounds made by slumplifter, except:

'matsuyama' samples 'cacophony of cats' by kido okamoto
'himeji' samples 'talking' by haruomi hosono

album art: 'meditating frog' (detail) by sengai



all rights reserved


Slumplifter Melbourne, Australia

melbourne-based songwriter & musician.

lifting slumps since '95

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Track Name: Nara (three four years)
sunday morning when the moon
the might in may
hill or hollow when you overnight the sun
i'm the only one who scenes the day

contrabal, he's over here
reminder: reaps
but no one's watching over contrabal / his niece
be the chains you want to see today

and nara said to me before:
'it's like i said to you before'

who would holder in the smoke
i'm into spades, trade in.
treater + the laid-upon (i prayed)
act in inches for the finches, too
(i do!)

setupon by every dog + dogintrade
pointed everything i said in jest
i jade
be the chamber that you've seen today
(i do!)

and nara said to me before:
'it's like i said to you before'
and nara said to me before:
'i've seen the bodies hit the floor'
Track Name: Ozu (in the dead of night i'm whistling)
the first to fast in your timeline
+ i asked for this

slow the spy + he votes, now
six fret up from me

half-in-ground + i frozen
i was freezing
stop a breathing

and if you need me, i'll be here to see me
let you go. you'll let you know
behold: in the light i call my name
Track Name: Sendai
i recall you settled down
i recall you're living, now
& nothing ever called you, then, by name
a house in arkansaw beside a lake
(adopted dogs, insurance claims)

i recall a summer haze
i recall those quieter days
where nothing ever happened to you fast
a house that's built to live in, not to last
(i sit here, thinking of the past)

i recall the sendai roads
& fish that swim between your toes
with nothing i could do to make you stay
& home a thirteen hour flight away
(the trains were running late, that day)

and the city reacts
(third floor apartment living)
and the city's intact
(still breathing, autumn evening)
and it's bringing me back
(these cities, still, are sleeping)

i'll be dead soon
i've been dead for some time, now