Who's Afraid Of The Bug In The Bade?

by Slumplifter

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released April 28, 2017

all songs written by slumplifter
all noises made by slumplifter
album art by norton balfour (@nort.tv)



all rights reserved


Slumplifter Melbourne, Australia

melbourne-based songwriter & musician.

lifting slumps since '95

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Track Name: Bed Dog, I Made You Breathtake
i couldn't wait - no, hesitate it
i couldn't start it up a send
never be afraid, fine friends -
of the bug inside your bade
the end! the end!

bagger be a keepongolfing
this is slowly undersold

bed dog! i made i breathtake
don't you break!

doben say it mahler
parasol a plenty
but i'm not ...
i'm stop! i'm stuck!
fuck it. override me.
(fuck it. override me.)
i'll be solely and she stoned

bed dog! i made i breathtake
don't you break!

here lies health + safety
blind and a behind
nothing to see here

your eyes were dress size! -
your eyes were dress size! -
your eyes were dress size...
hissing stole from me my soul

bed dog! i made i breathtake
don't you break!

all day holiday for sake

bed dog! i made i breathtake
don't you break!
Track Name: Scenes Of Primal Steam
there! the night i fir i first algoda
where the narrative i rinse will go to her

me / marie / and every third eliza
drop of dawn: i swore i swerved to hide her
be beside her

chief executive! i've been there for her
waste a weapon & i still adore her
grief's a funny way of motivating those
who spend a life of daytodating

the killer in me has found a way to be free -
stop before i lose the one i love again.

Track Name: There's Always Another Car That Flattens
who doesn't feel to be still?
said i lost my way

then, i did if you did
when you're overstaying under advice, then -
who's afraid of any old headlice, then?
who's afraid of any painted plague?

who was the best of brightest
said i'm underpaid

well, i'm undecided
in the silent height i tried to repaint her
sighing oh! i never escalated -
who's afraid of any broken bade??

there's always another car that flattens -
what happens, happens.
Track Name: Cleansheets
sing me a songform,
everybody who won't let me living at large
i'll spit in yr spute til only kubota spars!
one catchment of aluminum bars!

here lies a marie.
(where the jackal should be)
with a japanese actor and i'm acting to be free
liza marie!
don't be afraid of the bug in the bade

farewell to marie!
(she's the last that you'll see.)
and someday you'll sweat
and wake up, drenched, in the dream
lies + deceit
it's the coffee i crave -
i'm a knight, i know knave.

won't you sing me to sleep?
said the shepherd to his sheep

name a new wrinkle and i'll cut it out
and float in the formaldehyde jar
preening profusely when the sputum hits the stars
and cleansheets only get you so far!
...and cleansheets only get you so far...

in the mean streets?
bring your cleansheets!
Track Name: Days Often Turn Into Nights
i'm in import
who does it scare - me?
who doesn't spare / stare me...

in an airport
loaves for a family
loathe every family tree

hang from an empty every vocalise
thanks for the face i thanks i'll gravity

~ stay for the beverages ~

(days often turn into nights)
i could i call it but i could i be halfright
(days often turn into nights)
you wake a waver but you're well... it's an insight
Track Name: New Hindenburg Disaster
seasoned bodies in the meat market.
wouldn't want to be here
wouldn't want a beach ear!

so i said to her
i said to someone:
wouldn't want to stutter
wouldn't want to say i love you
so bad, so bad...

i was once a one-for-wonder white page
to be engaged!
when the space + spaces turned inside: so strange!
to be engaged! never engaged!

and all the skies were dying down
i know that!
people puking / peaking out
i know that!
and all the aliens had ailments
i know that!

i know i know i know i know
Track Name: Strange Things Happening: White Wine Country
after this picture
in a heavenaboard or under

no idea! no idea!

have her this instant
or i haven't aboard her asked her

no idea! no idea!
Track Name: Air Force - 1
may be done - we may have just begun!
don't fight. apologise.
take us back in
one two three four five

where do we go? (i know!)
who's on the phone? (i don't know!)
get me, god, i'm here, alive!

a crack in the cave? (we're saved!)
a bug in the bade? (we're still saved!)
don't wait. hesitate.

may be done - we may have just begun!
don't fight. apologise.
take us back in
one two three four five six uh seven
Track Name: A Hair's Breadth, A Quiet Calm
there's a step up in the stairs
in the sky
it's nothing. it's something.
(i don't know, i don't glow)
idle ivy for now.

there's a knocking on the door
on the wall
on the floorboards. it's nothing.
where would i be if not for the freemans?

there's a step up in the stairs
in the sky
syringe it. just don't flinch...
it's only a pinch!
it's only a pinch - you'll be swept from your skin
only a pinch + you'll be swept from your skin
Track Name: (That's A) Sick Burn, Will Toledo / Why (Did You Bur)n, Wi/ll( Toledo (?
there's a sick sir sinking in the burn word, blinking
+ i hate you for a happy birthday
i hapeupon a holder's briefcase

and i said it, said i'd maybe forget her (softly)
she was dead the day i guessed that i left (softly)

douse him now
douse at your convenience
i'm sick & burned & feeding vegans
save me, will toledo! save me, will toledo!

if you don't save yourself
(you'll save us all)

why did you burn?
widen pickpock anything
why did you say something?

same something save something spaid something
i don't mean anything
Track Name: Strange Things Happening: The Gun Show
i said to the man with a gun in his hand
'well, you know what i know, and it's only for show'

he looked at my hand
the gun in my hand, he said
'you'll know what i know in an hour or so'

a minute a moment a life with time away
shake of the frail i fear i've passed away
the still life is free!
(i'm out of touch: a snowstorm)

i said to the man with a gun in his hand
'la da da...'
Track Name: 21st Century Sycophant
i'm a twentyfirst century sycophant
and i don't want to be here...

behold: the spokecheat
i know a spoke's not the same sloke.
when courage needs your number:
give it slowly!

i snowed my slowglobe
i hope there's a hobo in my snowglowed
in the eyes of ricky pitcher:
still a pinkfish!

in the eyes of ricky pitcher:
i hope i fall for the picture
i hope i forestall and pinch her
i hope i floorboard and pitch her
i hope i fallabout

i'm a twentyfirst century sycophant
burning down every unaffordable house!
i'm only one of many

and we're angry.
Track Name: Hide Hands To Spin The World Wide
form after form a father
be the fourth hitch hiker
send for lemonade and lo! became
i send for aftershave and spray it
spin the world wide

born after born: i'd rather
always be each other
spin the boxer and he'll celebrate
i send for aftershave. and i say:
let hired hands hide.

after this: a feature film
teaching preachers sinking still
don't forget them
they taught you everything you know

half of this would likely kill
a dead enthusiast at will
don't forget him
there's still the bug in bade to go.
don't forget him.
Track Name: Deep Into Dust Bowls
and we drive in droves, i know
i couldn't heap on the ordinary
i'll steep: i'll keep on steeping
(to the girl w/ the heavy breathing)

i'm not so fortune. i'm slow.
i'm onto you, kyoto

and she freeze, she froze, i know
i couldn't help but accreditation
singing 'don't you be so'

everyone trips
everyone shits

sickbag, you're not too unwrapped
give me a) slick or b) hat
i'm not so fortune, it's all free
where the forest could happen to me

and we're deep into dust bowls
and we're deep into dust bowls
Track Name: Strange Things Happening: Starbored
why would i could change
another chain for me?

just because i'd ever be another father
jump above / it severs / see before a brother

sigh another strange, another stain for free

when i wide in the wine feed country
i wode and a winding, punching...
Track Name: The Girl, I Guess
then she said:
'the more i mean to you,
then the more you mean to me'
it didn't show: i almost glowed

to see you now outside
the grass, the sky like stained glass
i'm alright, i'm here
you're here at last!

anywhere you want to go
i want to be the one to follow...
Track Name: I'm Afraid (Of The Bug In The Bade)
sammy said to me to sit alone.
summer cellar, dated before
i know
things i never change

sally said to me to sit alone...

for a focus i felt something
for a focus i felt far too complicated
mince a moment i smelt something
miss a moment i'm not quitely complicated
i'm boarding up the bade and
moving mostly stays it...

(who's afraid of the bug in the bade?)